Builder – Oscar- Worcestershire

Great product for a multitude of cleaning jobs, I haven’t found anything they won’t remove. They work where other wipes have failed. A must for every van.

Plumber – Joe from London

These wipes are just fantastic I haven’t come across anything it won’t shift and leave the surface in pristine condition, every tradesman should have these wipes to hand at all times.

DIY’er – Susan from Cardiff

I bought these wipes when I was renovating my house and I haven’t looked back. They work on just about everything, paint, silicon, adhesive oil and general dirt. Made cleaning up a breeze.

DIY- Gregg, South Shields

I purchased these wipes to clean off uncured sealant for which they were great…. so I thought I would try the wipes on my motorbike wheels which were thick with oil, grease and break dust. The wipes absolutely ate through the filth and my wheels now look new again, I couldn’t believe the results I […]